Who We Are

Officers of the Investment Committee

Luis Paz-Perez

Lucas McCarthy

Sasha Mironova

Kevin Mocknick

Officers of the Risk Committee

Carson Chen

Patrick McManus

Jianyu Ren

Tao Wei

Fund Supervisors

Trevor Montano


Trevor Montano, CFA

Trevor Montano, a benefactor of the Montano Student Investment Fund, is a Mason alumnus who cofounded the Fund along with Dr. Derek Horstmeyer. Montano is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Founder and Managing Member of West Potomac Capital LLC.

Dr. Alexander Philipov


Email: aphilipo@gmu.edu
Office: Enterprise 227
Phone: 703-993-9762

Dr. Philipov completed his MS in Resource Economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and PhD in Finance at Boston College. His research focusing on asset pricing, risk management, and credit risk has been published in the Journal of Finance, the Review of Financial Studies, the Journal of Financial Economics, the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, and other finance and economics journals.

Dr. Derek Horstmeyer


Email: dhorstme@gmu.edu
Office: Enterprise 107
Phone: 703-993-9761

Dr. Horstmeyer completed his MS in Financial Mathematics at Stanford University and PhD in Finance and Business Economics at the University of Southern California. His research focuses on boards, ETF & mutual fund performance, and hedge fund activism. In addition to publications in the Quarterly Journal of Finance and Managerial Finance, Horstmeyer writes a monthly column for the Wall Street Journal, and his work has been cited in outlets such as Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC, Fortune, and many others.

Former Officers of the Fund

Julianna Silinksy

Jaehee Lee

Manya Vij

Rudy Kessinger

Corey Brooks

Khalid Al-Masri

Nainoksha Kaushal

Cliff Louison

Taylor Smith

Karim Azero

Ana García

Elan Guzmán

Omar Shatt

Christian Gameos

Justin Boileau

Lu Wang

Ali Kahil

Khrista McWhorter

Alexis Jackson

Valerie Mayer

Ethan Ioannou

Ioana Baranga

Ano Glonti

Ashley Reichert

Myriam Cisse

Jianyong Shi

Baylee Deivert

Ryan Morris

Morgan Rink

Joshua O’Neil

Natalia Palacios

Elan Guzmán

Abdilkhaliq Halane

Dylan Peacock

Eleri Burnett

Sam Fadle

Troy Watson

Sufia Rauf

Maximilian Simkins

Daniel Arguedas-Cornejo

Eric Dzik

Polina Kapovska

Mike Brynda

Beau Fitzpatrick

Brian Peirce

Aidan Eccles

Stephanie Fincher

Amber Wilkins

Decker Barborek

David Carrillo

Tyler Harb