What is the SMIF?

What is the Montano Student Investment Fund?

Launched in 2018, the Montano Student Managed investment fund is an all-equity investment fund that is administered by a select few finance students at George Mason University. Students who are selected to become officers are tasked with managing GMU’s Endowment for their respective terms. This includes choosing and cutting positions in the portfolio, as well as presenting the annual report of fund performance to the board of trustees. The Montano Student Managed Investment Fund gives students the chance to expand their professional network, sharpen their skills, and further build their knowledge of finance while still being in an academic setting.

What Will I Learn By Joining the Fund?

The Montano Student Managed Investment Fund gives students the opportunity to conduct financial research on the portfolio. The fund also gives students the chance to learn how to participate in activities such as active fund management, hedging against potential risk in the market, analyzing market behavior, and building equity reports on research conducted to then pitch to the oversight committee – all necessary skills for the profession of an equity analyst.

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