What is the SMIF?

The Montano SMIF 2022 Annual Report

What is the Montano Student Investment Fund?

The Montano Student Investment Fund is a fund that is managed by a select group of Finance majors at George Mason University.  Students are in charge of monitoring the current portfolio and make all alteration decisions to the portfolio amongst themselves through a voting procedure outlined in the bylaws of the fund. The fund offers students a hands-on approach to market research, equity valuation and risk analysis.

What Will I Learn By Joining the Fund?

The Montano Student Investment Fund will allow GMU students the option to conduct research pertaining to portfolios as well as select individual assets to which real money will be allocated, pending the approval by an investment committee. Students can expect to learn about active asset management, management of market behavior, tools to mitigate risk, as well as learn to create equity pitches.

To learn more about the SMIF Course, including course objectives and the Student Analyst role, download the Course Syllabus here:


Spring 2021 Student Investment Fund Syllabus


The Montano Student Investment Fund is an institutional member of the Washington Association of Money Managers, providing students with networking opportunities and the opportunity to attend monthly speaker presentations by top finance professionals in the area. 

For more information on the organization and a list of upcoming events, click on the image below:

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