Student Work

Student Research Projects

As a SMIF analyst and Finance major at GMU, you also have the opportunity to participate in student-led research with professors in the area.  Past research has been published by the Wall Street Journal, CFA Institute, MarketWatch, and ETF Trends among other journals.  

2021 Graduates’ Work:

Beau Fitzpatrick WSJ: The Surprising Risks of Investing in ESG Funds

Zack McKannan CFA Institute: Revisiting Beta: How Well Has Beta Predicted Returns?

Valerie Mayer CFA Institute: Meme Stocks and Systematic Risk

Ana Garcia CFA Institute: Low- or High-Volatility – Which Wins the Return Battle?

Pamy Arora WSJ: Your Fund Manager Is Lending Out Your Holdings. Should You Be Worried?

Elan Guzman  WSJ: What Should You Keep in a Market Correction: Winners or Losers

Michael Braaten & Mike Brynda   WSJ: Are Tax-Efficient Funds Worth it?

Mohanad Aldayel & Ethan Ioannou   CFA Institute: Where to Allocate Fixed Income

Aidan Eccles & Lindsey Coffey   CFA: Peak Diversification – How Many Stocks Diversify a Portfolio?

Daniel Arguedas-CornejoEmily Baucom    WSJ: Convertible Debt Funds – Are They Worth It?

Chaitanaya M. Vij   CFA Institute: Is this Tech ‘Bubble’ the same as the Dot-Com Bubble?

Hoai Nguyen & Abdallahi Ely Telmoudy   CFA Institute: SPACs – An Uncorrelated Asset Class?

Beau Fitzpatrick   ETF Trends: Do Low Interest Rates Force All Investors to be ESG Investors?

Stephanie Fincher & Eric Dzik   WSJ: Should Investors Buy a Stock After It Splits?

Chaitanaya M. Vij  CFA Institute: Stocks Turned Upside Down? The COVID-19 Beta Effect

2020 Graduates’ Work:

Sahil Saini   CFA Institute: Tesla and the S&P 500: What Could Have Been?

Ano Glonti & Shaista Khodabux  CFA Institute: Trading at All Hours: The Portfolio Implications

Ano Glonti & Brian Peirce   CFA Institute: How Long Does a Competitive Advantage Last?

Sufia Abdul-Rauf & Oriela Poga   ETF Trends: Can ETFs Persist in the ESG Space?

Morgan Rink & Maximilian Simkins  CFA: Should Fundamental Investors Give Up on Value Stocks?

Attila Kiss   ETF Trends: What can Risk Parity do for you?